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Copyright Note


The aim of this site is to preserve and catalogue images of mainly consumer and entertainment techology, with free public access for research or browsing. The images on line have been deliberately reduced to low resolution and copyright-marked to prevent unauthorised commercial exploitation.

I own all rights for my own photography; I also rightfully own physical copies of photos and images that were routinely given out to journalists and magazines by manufacturers, broadcasters, trade bodies, and their PR representatives.

These images were professionally shot and given to the press with positive encouragement to publish as widely as possible, without strings and without time limits.

In many cases it is no longer possible to identify or trace the original source of pictures given to the press.  There has never been a 'one stop' source of this largely 'orphaned' material. So the Tekkiepix collection appears to be a unique resource which it is important to preserve and make available. My copyright claim is to the digitised copies versioned for easy research access, and also to all the accompanying descriptive words.

See Sections 29 and 30 of the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, which cover ‘fair dealing’, and also European Union Directive 2012/28/EU on ‘orphan works’.

However if anyone can show they have good reason and right to request that any specific images be removed from the site, or marked with other copyright claims, will they please Contact Us.


 High Res?


There is no technical reason why I cannot supply high resolution (600 dpi) clean, unmarked copies of the originals, for a handling fee. However such trading is not the purpose of this site, and anyone wanting a full resolution copy of an archived image should first try to approach the original source and request direct supply.

Below are are some random examples of higher quality, but still well below the quality stored offline. They show the grand opening of the factory that Thorn-EMI-Ferguson built in Swindon to manufacture video discs for JVC's ill-fated VHD video disc system; an SES-Astra satellite being built by Hughes in California for Sky; and a Philips engineer working in the Eindhoven labs on the doomed HD-MAC TV system.

Click on the pictures and allow time for these larger images to load

The grand opening of Thorn EMI's VHD factory in Swindon Building an Astra satellite as used by Sky Working on early HDMAC TV in a Philips lab



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